Assembled Modules - 2 Year Warranty

All assembled products are covered by the standard 2-year EU warranty on purchased goods which begins when you recieve your goods. This warranty covers the failure or malfunction of the device within this period which is due to our manufacturing processes or the components used. The warranty covers return shipping to the customer (worldwide) but not the shipping to have the device returned to MUTANT MODULAR.

The warranty is void if:

-The devicehas been modified from manufacturing.

-The device has failed due to the customers negligence including (but not limited to) connecting the device to an inappropriate power supply, damage due to mishandling, damage due to extreme conditions (including but not limited to temperature, humidity/moisture or dust).


The necessary knowledge and the possession of the necessary tools is assumed to the buyer in order to build and make functional any kit or parts. 
Any doubt about this should be asked before shopping (i.e.: by e-mail), otherwise return of the kit or part will be unacceptable.