Assembled product.


Assembled product.

5PWR is a power adapter module to convert +12V to +5V for your EURORACK modular system.
This adapter takes the power from +12V and supplies the +5V line.
Super low profile.

Max current output: 1,5A

CAUTION: Use only ONE 5V-adapter per bus board and do not use if you have 5V on your bus!!!

Allways check if your power system do not have +5V power, using 5PRW in a system already equipped with a +5V source may damage your system. Always powered off your modular system if you connect or disconect a module. Insert the 5PWR module on the bus 2x8 pin connector. Make sure the -12V mark of the 5PRW module matches with the -12V on the power bus, remember marked with RED stripe.