Switcher (Panel + PCB)


Panel + PCB set only.


Panel + PCB set only.

This is Mutant Modular Switcher for eurorack synthesizers.
Basicaly is the blend between an A/B switch and a passive multiple with configurable options perfect for performance.

Suitable for CV or audio, it consists of three groups (X - T/Q), X can be used as in/out that can be switched between T and Q (in or out) destination.
Switches: Turn on left possition to connect X to T. Turn on right possition to connect X to Q. On cencer there is no conection you can use as mutes with the on-off-on switches.
There here comes the most interesting part, on the back of the module you can configure with jumpers each Q and T jack independently to be conected to the T or Q bus or be independent X-T/Q group.
With a very adaptable design, you can set the jacks up or down at any time because the front panel is interchangeable.

Jumpers for bus routing:

x3 on-off-on switches (3 pin. 4,7mm pitch)
x9 jack thonkiconn (PJ301M-12 or PJ398SM)
x18 male pin header 2,54mm pitch
x6 2pin jumper 2,54mm pitch

-Width: 4HP
-Depth: 20mm
-Consumption : N/A